We all need help to fight off and eliminate infection, increase our energy, strength and stamina; generate better bowel health, increase our mobility, regenerate and replace injured and worn out cells in our muscles, skin, bones, nerves and brain tissue; reduce stress and help achieve calm, effective mental processes. 

Colostrum is a food, not a drug, or medicine. It is safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and has no side effects. 

Benefits from daily intake:

  • Boost, balance, and maintain unsurpassed immune function

  • Eliminate harmful pathogens and fight infection

  • Prevent and eliminate diarrhea from infectious causes

  • Suppress over reactivity to environmental pathogens and toxins

  • Protect and heal GI and stomach lining (Leaky Gut Syndrome)

  • Increase natural Killer (NK) Cell activity

  • Increase muscle strength and stamina; speed recovery after exercise or injury; burn fat; and maintain blood glucose homeostasis

  • Provides anti-aging benefits

  • Colostrum does not oxidize in storage.

  • Colostrum is not digested (digestion destroys colostrum's bioactivity)

  • Colostrum components are delivered through the bowel wall into the blood stream to reach all organs and cells as needed

  • Colostrum components transport through the cell wall to assist its RNA and DNA repair; stem cell initiation and differentiation, facilitation of cellular growth and repair; infection prevention; and identification of damaged and diseased cell

Does Colostrum Help With Anti Aging?


Colostrum works with your body to utilize its natural substances and increases your overall health. After puberty, the body begins slowing down the production of growth hormones which are necessary for the reproduction of virtually all of the body's cellular tissue. By age 80, individuals produce virtually no growth hormones, and so aging occurs and eventually, death. Colostrum's growth factors are the actual hormones that stimulate the normal reproduction of body cellular tissue. Normal reproduction means just that (normal) not aged, cancerous, wrinkled, or weakened. A New England Journal of Medicine article reported that the most effective anti-aging process would be simply the replacement of growth hormones at proper levels to slow, possibly stop and even reverse aging.


Del-Immune V

At times, the body may require assistance in its job of protecting itself. Del-Immune V®, a nutritional supplement, has been shown to help people obtain maximum results from their immune system. Del-Immune V® is a natural immune modulator that acts as a first responder when immune help is needed.

Each Del-Immune V® capsule contains approximately 2 billion cell fragments from a special strain of lactobacillus, or “probiotic” — also called “friendly bacteria.” These cell fragments contain biological substances that account for the stimulation of immune response. This process duplicates the natural immune action that occurs in the intestine and is responsible for fighting a variety of environmental invaders.

Benefits from daily intake:

  • Helps protect the immune system against bacterial and viral infections

  • Ideal for both acute and chronic immune conditions

  • Can be used prior to and during winter months to protect against colds and flus

  • Suitable for those with allergic conditions such as sinusitis

  • Helps maintain a healthy skin environment and protects against fungal infections

  • Can be used for prolonged periods of time without any side effects

  • Safe to take with prescription medication and other natural supplements

  • Quick acting and the beneficial effects are usually noted within 1-2 days or less

Improved vasomotion efficiency (the narrowing and widening of your blood vessels) is the key to BEMER vascular therapy. Our heart pumps blood to the arteries and veins with great efficiency, but struggles to supply the 74% of the human bod which is serviced by smaller, micro-vessels. And it is within these where oxygen, nutrients, and waste are exchanged and removed. If oxygen and nutrients cannot be exchanged, you cannot achieve optimal health.


Are there side effects when taking Del-Immune V?


Because the product is manufactured from a natural, beneficial probiotic, side effects are rare. Del-Immune V® is free of wheat and dairy products, and is safe for people who are lactose intolerant. There are no known interactions or contra-indications for the use of Del-Immune V® with any prescription medications, nutritional supplements or chemo/radiation regimens.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Chambers

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a 300 year old medical treatment that consists of administering 100% oxygen at greater than atmospheric (sea level) pressure in order to improve and correct certain medical conditions. The underlying principle of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is quite simple: HBOT saturates the body and its tissues with oxygen so they can function properly.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Machines are available to purchase for your home use. Prices range from $3,995 to $16,995.   

Types of HBOT include:

  • Shallow Dive

  • Military Dive

  • Dive Vertical

  • Grand Dive

  • The Grand Dive Pro

  • Grand Dive Vertical

  • Grand Dive Wheelchair

Benefits of having your own:

  • Cost Savings. For frequent, or heavy users, over time the chamber pays for itself.

  • Portability. Users can travel with their equipment.

  • Long Use Sessions. Many patients like to sleep with their equipment for pre-programmed use as they fall asleep and then again when they first wake up in the morning. Please consult Lori for your best use protocol.

 Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF Device) Equipment


Electromagnetic Therapy Equipment is available to purchase for your home use.


Benefits of having your own.

  • Convenience. Users can use at their own convenience and to fit their busy schedules.

  • Portability. Users can travel with their equipment.

  • Cost Savings. For frequent, or heavy users, over time the equipment pays for itself.

  • Long Use Sessions. Many patients like to sleep with their equipment for pre-programmed use as they fall asleep and then again when they first wake up in the morning. Please consult Lori for your best use protocol.


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