Once the treatment begins, you will hear a hissing sound as the chamber pressurizes. You may also notice a temporary increase in temperature during this compression. A staff member will remain with you to adjust the rate of compression according to your tolerance and coach you on relieving the full sensation in your ears. Once you are at the prescribed pressure in the chamber, your ear pressure sensation will go away. You should feel absolutely normal at this time.

You may sleep, or just rest during your treatment, which usually lasts one – one an half hours. Generally, you experience no after effects from HBOT therapy. However, some patients report a crackling sensation in their ears between treatments. This may be relieved in the same manner as clearing your ears during compression. If the crackling should continue, please report this to the hyperbaric staff. Additionally, some patients report feeling light headed for a few moments following treatment, but the episode is brief and the patients are soon able to continue with their normal daily activity.

Things that are not permitted inside the chamber include:

  • No lotions, makeup, deodorant, hairspray

  • No fresh nail polish or acrylic nails

  • No cell phones or reading materials

  • Cell phones and reading materials

  • Electronic devices

  • Glasses and hard contact lenses

  • Watches, Jewelry

  • Matches and lighters

Keep hydrated after your HBOT appointment and follow any other instructions given to you by our hyperbaric operator.

Contact us immediately if you are feeling unwell after treatment.


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